Testimonials and reviews about our dental practice:
our valued Patients are all smiles!

“Dr. Chandy and his staff are amazing! He is the only dentist I have ever visited that does not try to go over what your insurance might cover. His staff is second to none, so friendly and welcoming. I have referred family and friends to him and will continue to do so. He has made my smile perfect!!!!”

– Rachael K

“Every time I go to Reliance, I am greeted warmly by a friendly face. This last experience, I had hurt my back before my appointment so they made sure I was comfortable. They also are great with detail. They remembered my latex allergy and switched gloves. They are hard-working, generous people and so goodnat what they do that I am so glad I am in their hands. Thanks Reliance!”

– Anonymous

“I don’t normally like going to dentist appointments because I have had a lot of bad experiences with it but this was the best time I have ever been to the dentist they were so nice and was only worried about you Good job!!!”

– William B

“My 5 year old needed a tooth extracted and we were a bit nervous that she would not be able to have the procedure without having to put her to sleep. My daughter gave the ok for Dr. Chandy to remove it. She was screaming and crying while he put the freezing in, and Dr Chandy and his assistant remained calm and professional. After she waited for the freezing to kick in and was calm, I stepped out to use the restroom. When I got back to the treatment room they had already taken the tooth out. They did this with out her screaming and kicking. Don’t know how they do it. But the time and care that the Dentists take with each patient makes all the difference!”

– Mira H

“I went home satisfied with my teeth cleaning yesterday. The hygienist (apology) forgot her name she is very nice with a soft and gentle touch. Normally I don’t enjoy visiting the dental clinic coz can’t stand the soreness of my teeth after cleaning but yesterday was exceptional. I hope on my next visit she will be my hygienist again. She also introduced to me the electric toothbrush which I tried last night and this morning…really loved it.”

– Niove T

“I always appreciate the medical services when it’s a combined with customers service. Part of healing patients is being nice with them , treat patients with genuine care and answer their questions with honesty. In this clinic you are the main element in this business and you are always engaged in the final decision. I believe Reliance clinic represent the bright future of the medical service in Canada .”

– Lamyae A

“I went in for a couple fillings just the other day and was greeted very pleasantly by both receptionists as I checked in for my appointment. The dental assistants were very friendly and knowledgable and genuinely made sure my appointment was as comfortable as possible. The dentist was phenomenal and I didn’t feel or even notice the needle! Overall my experience was short and very pleasant. As excellent an experience as going to the dentist can be!”

– Zachary G

“It was great. The doctor was calm and very good at explaining. The assistant was very sweet and made me feel very comfortable specially on my root canal treatment. I would definitely recommend reliance to my family and friends. Thanks once again and appreciate your services.”

– Cecilia D

“With my over all experiences, staffs were so good, very friendly and approachable. My dentist is awesome. I’m particular with how the hands works and he has a gifted hands I would say as a dentist that’s the very big assets as a dentist. And the good thing about it too is that it’s a hassle free for the billing. They do everything for you in terms of insurance. I will definitely come back and be my permanent dental clinic together with my family.”

– Sophia O

“I had a great appointment, I came in sort of not looking forward to the work just based off of what was being done and the tooth being worked on. I was provided with full attention from all working staff, from beginning to end, everyone ensured full comfort through the length of my visit. As well as being informed and guided through the new advancment in technology that your facility is so lucky to have! What an amazing experience knowing I have waited weeks for a tooth to be placed – this took 10 minutes – and the results thus far are perfect to comfort/color/placement etc – it was unreal, and was very cool to watch – I think I was more fascinated then the little boy who saw and that just shows how quickly and amazing the technology around us today is – he had no idea how cool it REALLY was, thank you for sharing and explaining this also, I was very impressed – as always 🙂 !!”

– Karla P